” Our home is not just the walls that surround us, the whole planet Earth is our home “
Aldo & Vera

Who We Are

Try to Give Back is an independent Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization created in December 2020 by Aldo Giaquinto and his wife Vera Kozlovskaia as a result of their Global Expedition that started in 2016.

What began as a leisure trip transformed into a mission to give something back to the World. The more they were travelling and admiring this paradise we are so blessed to call home, the more they were saddened to see what mankind is doing with it. This project was born from a strong desire of two simple people to make a positive impact  to our society and the environment, after witnessing first-hand with their own eyes the terrifying truth and the reality of our modern world.

We hope to inspire, make aware and educate people about environmental concerns, sustainability, animal welfare, poverty and inequality in order to empower them to become part of the solution. We believe that humans can change and that there is still hope to fully meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

” What we do now and in the next few years will profoundly affect the next few thousand years “

– Sir David Attenborough

our work and goals

Try to Give Back is currently focusing in raising awareness about Environmental Concerns, Sustainability, Pollution, Animal welfare, Poverty and Inequality. We look for the most accurate reports and evidence-based information available and aim to provide access to possible solutions and alternatives for people willing to make a difference.

Throughout our YouTube videos and donations we are raising funds that are needed for the accomplishment of our objectives. Our organisation is independent of commercial interests and political parties and knows no borders.

We aim to develop educational programs for the young generation regarding environmental issues and climate change explaining the benefit of reducing our ecological footprint and using ecofriendly and sustainable alternatives to plastic, especially to single use plastic.

We aspire to create natural reserves and animal sanctuaries, planting trees and also focusing on marine conservation and oceans pollution. We plan on helping poor communities and the most in need, fight for inequality and promote people-positive solutions like empowering women and girls.

We are aware that this is not a job just for a single charity and we actively look for collaborations with other organizations that share our vision.


We deliver 100% of all public donations to our projects; that means no admin fees, no wages, no hidden extras are taken away.  All the money goes to the people and their projects.


Become a Try To Give Back supporter today.  We all deserve a better world to live in.  People like you, who share our values are  vital to our success. 

reasons to give back

People are facing the biggest challenge of mankind history represented by the need of reducing their Ecological Footprint on our Planet. We must stop thinking that our home is limited just to the walls that surrounds it, every action we make has a consequence to our real home, the one we all depend upon it: Earth… and we don’t have a planet B.

Time is running out and according to evidence based studies we currently use as many resources as if we lived on 1.6 Earths. In 2020 Earth Overshot day fell on the 22 August, that day marked the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services exceeded what Earth can regenerate in the same year. We keep borrowing natural resources and are heading towards ecological bankruptcy. We will end up not having a place to live, our existence is at stake, this is a struggle that cannot be postponed.

We know it can be frightening and demoralizing to think about how your personal footprint contributes to global overshoot. The reality is that each and every one of us can take a number of steps to reduce our impact on the planet.