Our supporters

We are very lucky to be supported  by Eywa. Their project was born in Dinderessò, a village in Burkina Faso, where together with a group of women they created a soap factory, which today has become an important source of income for the local community. From Burkina Faso, the journey and the search for the perfect ingredient continued, in Morocco and Kenya and then reappeared in Italy.

We are very fortunate to count on the support of Tukiki. They believe in a cleaner and more natural future, free from disposable plastic. Tukiki was born to contribute to the reduction of plastic without disrupting our daily lives. We can all do this together, step by step, starting with simple changes and aiming high!

We are very happy to be supported by VERDEVERO. They sell natural organic detergents safer for the environment, the founder was tired of using chemical, irritating and smelly detergents and already coming from a family that worked in the sector, he decided to create a line of natural products for cleaning the house; Furthermore, Verdevero offers the possibility to refill the 5l containers avoiding useless waste of plastic. 

We are glad to be supported  by Officina Cosmetica Antichi Ricordi . Passion, curiosity and respect for the environment are the values on which Officina Cosmetica Antichi Ricordi is based in order to offer a natural soap, dermatologically tested, for daily cleansing based on olive oil or coconut oil, suitable for all skin types.

In fact, they produce the soap as our grandparents did, with low environmental impact recipes, trying to limit as much as possible the emissions into the atmosphere and the use of water, using natural ingredients and oils also, they let it age for a long time naturally, without forcing the drying time.